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Angelle Consulting supports companies, local governments, universities and non-profits evolving in an urban environment with their international strategies and activities as well as with their thought leadership initiatives in the U.S. and beyond.



“We turned to Claire Angelle to assist our Mission to the United Nations at a crucial time to provide strategic support and advice for several high profile events Canada was hosting or co-sponsoring including the 2018 Commission on the Status of Women, The International Week of Creativity & Innovation as well as NY Pride.  Claire Angelle’s extensive diplomatic experience and initiative allowed her to become a natural extension of our team.  The United Nations requires a very sophisticated approach given the dynamics of 193 members states.  Her strategic outlook and network were also instrumental in bringing new projects to life from concept to implementation.”

Ambassador Louise Blais, Deputy Permanent Representative, Canada's Mission to the United Nations



"Claire has assisted the Platypus Institute in multiple arenas including, most recently, fundraising and thought leadership program development. Claire is a delight to work with. Her professionalism, organization skills, interpersonal finesse and network have all been really helpful to our organization. Speaking tangibly: through Claire’s efforts, our fundraising journey has been efficient while feeling effortless; and meanwhile, we have secured some phenomenal strategic partnerships as well as high-profile speaking engagements that we would have never gotten without her help. The bottom line: Claire is extraordinarily gifted, and a terrific complement to any networking-dependent activity your organization chooses to pursue.”

Dr. David Bach, Founder & CEO, the Platypus Institute



“Georgia Tech’s effort to convene global expertise to address the technical, cultural and policy challenges of infrastructure were immensely assisted by Claire Angelle in our recent Strategic Infrastructure Dialogue on Smart Cities. Claire’s broad professional experience and her global connections coupled with her ability to gracefully manage the planning helped to shape a highly successful event. Claire was particularly effective in engaging globally diverse political and civic experts as invited participants. Her efforts resulted in a program of rich dialogue that focused on the human challenges in creating “smarter cities” as well as the strengths of Georgia Tech. Claire is highly professional and an absolute joy with whom to work.”

Joseph Bankoff, Chair, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Georgia Tech