Angelle Consulting


What do we do?


Angelle Consulting supports companies, local governments, universities and non-profits evolving in an urban environment with their international strategies and activities, as well as with their thought leadership initiatives in the U.S. and beyond.


business development

Primarily, Angelle Consulting supports U.S. companies with their global expansion strategies and exporting activities, while assisting international companies scale in America. With a strong emphasis on the smart cities industry, Angelle Consulting provides strategic guidance as well as lead generation services. In addition, Angelle Consulting helps city governments strengthen their local economic ecosystem through export promotion as well as Foreign Direct Investment attraction/retention activities.



Angelle Consulting specializes in helping organizations with a recognition deficit increase their visibility both domestically and on the global stage. To do so, Claire Angelle leverages her extensive network to secure prestigious speaking engagements for her clients and spearheads highly curated events with subject matter experts from across the world.



Angelle Consulting specializes in helping early-stage startups with their capital needs, especially as it pertains to Angel Round, Series Seed, Bridge Round, and Series A, as well as non-profits with their funding campaigns. Claire Angelle has help raised over $9 million in the last few years through corporate and individual donations, strategic partnerships, venture capital firms and angel investors.