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Public Relations

Public Relations

Angelle Consulting helps organizations and individuals with their PR needs leveraging speaking engagements, strategic partnerships, media placement and digital content to increase their visibility both domestically and on the global stage.


  • Establishing a global PR strategy to help reach a global audience

  • Serving as a main point of contact for all PR inquiries

  • Obtaining media placements in the U.S. and beyond

  • Creating web content

  • Creating social media content

  • Organizing curated events

  • Obtaining speaking engagement opportunities

  • Establishing high-impact strategic partnerships

  • Coordinating community relations

  • Supporting crisis communication

  • Creating content for promotional material

Philanthropy, Advocacy & Activism:

Philanthropy, Advocacy & Activism

Angelle Consulting helps celebrities and influencers who desire to give back, design and build their philanthropic, advocacy and activism platform for greater impact and results.

Volunteer Group


  • Creating your vision, goals and strategies in line with your passions and business objectives

  • Supporting the implementation of an actionable plan

  • Advising and supporting charitable giving and work

  • Vetting, monitoring and evaluating requests

  • Providing relevant content to respond to current domestic and world events

  • Providing digital and social media strategy and content

  • Staffing fundraising and other humanitarian events and missions

  • Creating success metrics on all initiatives, and offering feedback on continuous improvement

  • Establishing high-impact strategic partnerships

  • Serving as a main point of contact for all inquiries in relation with your philanthropic activities

Business Dev

Business development

Angelle Consulting supports companies with their business development strategies and activities in the U.S. and abroad.

Business Meeting


  • Creating a strategic plan for global sales activities

  • Supporting the implementation of an actionable sales plan

  • Supporting lead generation

  • Managing international projects

  • Establishing high-impact strategic partnerships

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